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About Hair Therapy

I am the owner of Hair Therapy Salon and hair care line. I have been in the hair business for 20+ years. I wanted to enhance my expertise so I became a certified personal trainer 7 years ago to understand how diet and exercise affects the health of hair. Hair Therapy Health and Wellness Salon was established in 2009. At Hair Therapy and Wellness Salon, we focus on healthy hair. We achieve this by giving our clients the proper tools to help them take care of their hair on a daily basis. While it may be ideal to come to the salon daily, it's not feasible for the everyday woman. We educate our clients on proper nutrition, exercise and hair care knowledge.


For years I've created my own hair care products by using knowledge that I've gained firsthand over the 20 years that I've been caring for hair. I've strategically crafted my hair care line to meet the needs of the many different clients that I've serviced over the years. In 2020, I successfully teamed up with a manufacturing company to produce Hair Therapy Hair Care. This hair care line includes something for everyone. The line includes a detoxifying charcoal shampoo, intense hydrating shampoo, intense hydrating conditioner, loc therapy hair mist, super growth hair oil and heat protectant. This line will promote healthy hair growth. You will see results quickly and your hair will feel amazing.

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